We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy

  • Protecting Your Privacy. We will not give your personal information to anyone without your express permission.
  • Providing Information Is Voluntary. Providing your information on this website is voluntary. You may use an alias if you wish.
  • Leaving Comments. When you submit comments at the bottom of any page or post, it indicates that you want to have your comment and name (or alias) appear on this website. If you instead want to send a private message, please instead use the Contact page.
  • Submitting Contact Forms. When sending your information via our contact form, be aware that sending information via email (including forms sent over the Internet) is not a secure form of communication. In other words, hackers who are looking for information about you may be able to access any information that is sent over the Internet. This main website does not have the kind of security that online banking or e-commerce websites do. However, my private client portal is secure and confidential (similar to a bank website). All clients are encouraged to use the secure portal for communication.